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mzyuno shoes is one of the china’s leading professional shoemaker.we are able to accept to bulk ODM&OEM orders. our story began almost 40 years ago.hot sale,higt quality,more collections, better sevices, competitive prices is our merit. the comfortable, stylish, wearable,breathable,absorb sweat, deodorant, multifunctional , modern retro etc all are our products features! mzyuno was created out of our passion for elegance. we are on the market for many years and year after year, with every new collection, we prove that passion is our second name. our success, however, wouldn’t be possible without our clients. mzyuno shoes is home to a fantastic collection of ladies shoes, mens shoes, and handbags ect accessories. we product range caters for fashion,here are the professional team to help you.our business including women shoes,men shoes,children shoes and handbags,clothes ect.there are more then 80 designs as optional.we are holding on to broader development and self-improvement;we are plaing to expanding vaster worldwide market. mzyuno has been awarded the sgs audited supplier and certificated of iso 9001:2008 ,bsci ,which absolutely benefits us for being trusted by our customers. mzyuno always attaches great importance to establish long-team and friendy business relationship with customers both at home and abroad.through years effort,we havesuccessfully expanded our market mainly towards europ,south-america,north america,middle-east and east asia.we persists in wining consumer recognition by good quality guarantee and sales service.all of our items conforms to ce and sgs certificates. due to mzyuno good quality,quickly delivery and satisfying after sale services,we are well received by customers.mzyuno promises that we will incessantly do our best provide you excellent services. mzyuno sincerely invite you to welcome for excellent cooperation and friendship,believe us and trust your choice.profession design,enhance the brand charm,offer your beauty life! Why choose us? 1. MZYUNO Shoemaker since 1977, already have 40 years Professional technological experiences . 2. High quality,Hot sale,more collections, better sevices, competitive prices is our merit. 3.Comfortable, stylish, wearable, breathable,absorb sweat, deodorant, multifunctional ,Modern Retro etc all are our produts features! 4.Faster,time is money!Your Inquiry will be responsed only in 1 days. 5.Profession design,Enhance the brand charm,Offer your beauty life! Products Certification
  • 2017-06-27 10% Off Sale For Customer`s Mid Summer Day

           Ancient European traditional festivals - Mid summer day. In China and Asia is not popular, and even many people have not heard of. But this Western festival, but very busy in the Nordic Oh! In the Nordic and other countries each year from June to July. Finland, Denmark, Romania and other countries, will hold a grand festival.However, the Nordic countries are not the same celebration, each with its own wonderful, especially in Sweden, the charming scenery, the quiet env...

  • 2017-06-14 mzyuno history from the handwork straw sandals to cement shoes

    mzyuno earliest originated from the story of my grandpa's father's crafts heritage, in their time, can only produce three kinds of shoes, handmade straw sandals, cotton cloth shoes and sabot embroidered shoes. 1233 the sabot embroidered shoes sabot embroidered shoes is very good-looking, is completely pure made by hand grinding, this kind of flag embroidered shoes at the bottom with wood, shi said "high heels", or "saucers" shoes, "horseshoe bottom".the base height is about 5 to 10 centimeters h...

  • 2017-06-14 brogue brush bootie men shoes

    brogues men's engraved shoes, wing-tips is the toe like a bird wings m-letter embossed or stitching lines of a decoration, and this wing-tips decorative shoes, we call it bullock shoes. brogues is actually a kind of pragmatism shoes, has a long history, it is said that the earliest people wearing this shoe is the scottish and irish region of labor, rough leather and full of breathable vamps, all for the convenience of workers in the humid climate to better carry out field work and keep the shoes...

  • 2017-05-31 men shoes casual style -loafers men

    Loafers shallow top shoes, This is a simple and neat design shoes, similar to casual shoes, easy to wear, comfortable. Compared with the dress shoes Loafers is just like a pair of shoes can wear a holiday. It still retains the basic models of traditional shoes, and made a little improvement, material and details of the change so that shoes look and dress shoes are so different. Want the traditional shape of the shoes but do not want to look too orthodox man should choose Loafers. Casual shoes is...

  • 2017-06-02 High heels pumps lady shoes story

    High heels originated in the early 14th century, it has become a unique love for women has entered the human spirit of the garden, not only the form, not only life, it has become a kind of mind, sexy, artistic, beautiful symbols.A perfect woman, should be both wearing elegant high heels, but also foot flat shoes in the earth to ground life. Avoid that twinge of jealousy you get when your BFF shows up in the hottest shoes around, and get yourself a pair of the MZYuno Single covered Heels today! T...

  • 2017-05-24 Soft sleek Gold Plastic Paillette Heel sandal

    Put some sparkle and shine into your step when sporting this pair of women's metallic sandals with an ankle strap;avoid that twinge of jealousy you get when your BFF shows up in the hottest shoes around, and get yourself a pair of the MZYuno Single Strap Heels today! 1. 4" stiletto heel. 2. Soft cushioned insole. 3. Wearable anti-slip rubber sole. 4. Man made environmental protection materials,All vegan friendly. 5. Exported. 6.Soft sleek Gold Plastic Paillette+ziper for ornament.

  • 2017-06-14 Monk-strapshoe men`s boot buckle

    Monk-strapshoe men`s shoes, the biggest feature of Meng Ke shoes is the upper there is a large horizontal with decorative and metal buckle, and pressure attached to the tongue, and this horizontal belt decoration is called Monk-Strap, This is also the origin of the Monk-StrapShoe name. Now the Mengke shoes in the design is more and more type, color is also more and more bold, so that this classic shoes glow with a new gentleman temperament, it is men's dress shoes and casual shoes complex. Menci...

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