10% Off Sale For Customer`s Mid Summer Day 2017-06-27

       Ancient European traditional festivals - Mid summer day. In China and Asia is not popular, and even many people have not heard of. But this Western festival, but very busy in the Nordic Oh! In the Nordic and other countries each year from June to July. Finland, Denmark, Romania and other countries, will hold a grand festival.However, the Nordic countries are not the same celebration, each with its own wonderful, especially in Sweden, the charming scenery, the quiet environment of Sweden is located in the Nordic, near the Arctic, long winter, most of the region almost half a year to see sunlight. And before and after the Midsummer Festival, sunny, sunshine up to 20 hours, to the Midsummer Day, some areas 24 hours a day all day. On this day, people dressed in colorful costumes and beautiful dazzling shoes,gathered around the crossed "May column" decorated with flowers, leaves and wreaths, surrounded by layers, dancing in beautiful and elegant cheerful music. So Midsummer Day is the happiest day of their day.

    SO,in order to thanks for our all customers  helps and supports at this special Festivas , our all shoes will 10% off sale,wish them a happy Mid Summer Day!

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