• 10% Off Sale For Customer`s Mid Summer Day
    10% Off Sale For Customer`s Mid Summer Day 2017-06-27

           Ancient European traditional festivals - Mid summer day. In China and Asia is not popular, and even many people have not heard of. But this Western festival, but very busy in the Nordic Oh! In the Nordic and other countries each year from June to July. Finland, Denmark, Romania and other countries, will hold a grand festival.However, the Nordic countries are not the same celebration, each with its own wonderful, especially in Sweden, the charming scenery, the quiet environment of Sweden is located in the Nordic, near the Arctic, long winter, most of the region almost half a year to see sunlight. And before and after the Midsummer Festival, sunny, sunshine up to 20 hours, to the Midsummer Day, some areas 24 hours a day all day. On this day, people dressed in colorful costumes and beautiful dazzling shoes,gathered around the crossed "May column" decorated with flowers, leaves and wreaths, surrounded by layers, dancing in beautiful and elegant cheerful music. So Midsummer Day is the happiest day of their day.     SO,in order to thanks for our all customers  helps and supports at this special Festivas , our all shoes will 10% off sale,wish them a happy Mid Summer Day!

  • mzyuno history from the handwork straw sandals to cement shoes
    mzyuno history from the handwork straw sandals to cement shoes 2017-06-14

    mzyuno earliest originated from the story of my grandpa's father's crafts heritage, in their time, can only produce three kinds of shoes, handmade straw sandals, cotton cloth shoes and sabot embroidered shoes. 1233 the sabot embroidered shoes sabot embroidered shoes is very good-looking, is completely pure made by hand grinding, this kind of flag embroidered shoes at the bottom with wood, shi said "high heels", or "saucers" shoes, "horseshoe bottom".the base height is about 5 to 10 centimeters high, some can reach 15 to 16 centimeters, the highest can reach about 25 centimeters.the wooden heel of the flag shoe is mounted on the sole of the outsole, in the middle, three inches high, the whole wood is wrapped in the white cloth, also have a white cloth or white powder,commonly known as "foundation of foundation".the fabric of the flag-shoes is silk, embroidered with confetti.there are usually two types of the bottom, one with an open and inverted pot shape.the other is the upper and lower, the front and back circles, and the shape and the ground mark are all like horseshoes.hence the name "the bottom of the basin" and "the bottom of the horseshoe".in addition to the decorative pattern or decoration of the cicada butterfly, the part of the wood is often decorated with embroidery or beads.some of the tips of the shoes are also decorated with tassels, long and accessible.this shoe is very strong in the base of the wood, often with a broken shoe, and the sole is still in good condition and can be reused.the high soles of the shoes were worn by the women of the aristocracy of more than 13 and 4 years old.the flag shoes of older women, called "flat shoes", are made of flat wood, and the front of them is slightly chipped in order to walk.it's gone now.as the age increases, the soles of the soles of the soles of the soles of the soles of the soles of the feet gradually decrease, and the average old or working woman wears more short or flat shoes. the cotton cloth shoes type cotton cloth shoes is a kind of ancient chinese arts and crafts skills, cotton fill thousand layer, "thousand needles, pairs of" cotton "is weave with dexterous hands of happiness and sweetness, a dense stitching is full of tenderness, seem to see a period of time in between the lines is flowing quietly...don't wear shoes.it was not only the shitan, but the hard part.this product is the treasure of chinese traditional shoe culture, handicraft art, famous all over the country, famous overseas.on june 7, 2008, the state council formally announced the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. the straw shoes type straw shoes are very rough.the shoes of the rush grass belong to special straw shoes.there are winter rush shoes and summer rush shoes.pu sex is cool, wear pu shoes in hot summer, have cool, refreshing feeling.winter special pu shoes, it is the asparagus that is dried and then twisted into a flower line, embedded in the sole, plus boat shape shoe help, thick and generous, prevent cold to keep warm, especially comfortable.especially walking in the snow, it is best to wear a cattail.this kind of shoe, some place also call luhua boots, the lu hua shoes.cattail shoes are also made of straw and thatch.as the lifestyle changes, the cattail is rarely used as a basic living thing, and as a sale of handicrafts and souvenirs. the current cement shoes

  • brogue brush bootie men shoes
    brogue brush bootie men shoes 2017-06-14

    brogues men's engraved shoes, wing-tips is the toe like a bird wings m-letter embossed or stitching lines of a decoration, and this wing-tips decorative shoes, we call it bullock shoes. brogues is actually a kind of pragmatism shoes, has a long history, it is said that the earliest people wearing this shoe is the scottish and irish region of labor, rough leather and full of breathable vamps, all for the convenience of workers in the humid climate to better carry out field work and keep the shoes breathable a basic shoe. however, the brogues shoes are exquisite and gorgeous now, those shoes have more than the meaning of the breathable meaning of breath, and even become an important feature of brogues, so that the shoes quite gentleman's temperament. bullock toe carved, giving male boots not the same vitality, to maintain his original personality, but also show his delicate side, than the light version of the addition of some personality. but also in the current coloring process, it can show the effect of a double color in the light. if the arrival of autumn and winter,how can you not get a pair of boots?as a winter accessories leader, designers have never let go in the boots to make a fuss, in addition to business and leisure style, a variety of colorful colors and materials are put into a high sense of high boots, to meet the trend of cutting-edge personality attitude. from early autumn has been able to wear deep winter, warriors, your weapons and equipment were selected? mzyuno male boots series - every man should have a pair of boots.

  • men shoes casual style -loafers men
    men shoes casual style -loafers men 2017-05-31

    Loafers shallow top shoes, This is a simple and neat design shoes, similar to casual shoes, easy to wear, comfortable. Compared with the dress shoes Loafers is just like a pair of shoes can wear a holiday. It still retains the basic models of traditional shoes, and made a little improvement, material and details of the change so that shoes look and dress shoes are so different. Want the traditional shape of the shoes but do not want to look too orthodox man should choose Loafers. Casual shoes is a kind of footwear, including the LOAFERS, the main feature is a simple, comfortable design concept, to meet the needs of people wearing everyday life. The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and way. People with the shape of casual shoes, brand and connotation to decorate themselves, show themselves, from which to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spirit to meet.

  • High heels pumps lady shoes story
    High heels pumps lady shoes story 2017-06-02

    High heels originated in the early 14th century, it has become a unique love for women has entered the human spirit of the garden, not only the form, not only life, it has become a kind of mind, sexy, artistic, beautiful symbols.A perfect woman, should be both wearing elegant high heels, but also foot flat shoes in the earth to ground life. Avoid that twinge of jealousy you get when your BFF shows up in the hottest shoes around, and get yourself a pair of the MZYuno Single covered Heels today! These environmental protection super heels are a must-have for every occasion, with a closed toe and a slip on design for convenience by a slender cone heel cup.

  • Soft sleek Gold Plastic Paillette Heel sandal
    Soft sleek Gold Plastic Paillette Heel sandal 2017-05-24

    Put some sparkle and shine into your step when sporting this pair of women's metallic sandals with an ankle strap;avoid that twinge of jealousy you get when your BFF shows up in the hottest shoes around, and get yourself a pair of the MZYuno Single Strap Heels today! 1. 4" stiletto heel. 2. Soft cushioned insole. 3. Wearable anti-slip rubber sole. 4. Man made environmental protection materials,All vegan friendly. 5. Exported. 6.Soft sleek Gold Plastic Paillette+ziper for ornament.

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